Tuesday, December 30, 2008

limit x---> (Happy New Year!) F(x) = F(Happy New Year!)

Just saw this on Indexed, and had to post it... Ha, so true! So watch yo self!

And so sorry, but I just couldn't resist the math function as a title.

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Get me a tie, and it better be RED!"

This is without a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen. I personally believe it should go down as one of the worst movies ever. The cheese is there from the opening scene, to the very last line. I seriously wondered after exiting the film, if this was supposed to be a spoof of past comic movies, but I was later told that this was actually not a spoof at all, as this movie was trying to reach out to the true comic fans. Wow.
There was at least one thing that was a positive in this movie, and it was co-star Eva Mendes. But no, it wasn't her acting skills and performance that was the positive...she was just as emotionally empty as the others in the film. It was how damn fine she looked. Shit, if I didn't know better, there were guys at the theatre that just came for Eva. Every time she'd come on screen, these pervs sitting up front would whistle and scream... These are the guys the strippers love. But as someone who always thought Eva's hotness was over rated, I'm glad she looked so smokin in this one, cause it was the ONLY bright thing on the screen.

This review from The Star is a great summary of the film, and how terrible it was.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tesla Roadster is for real.... kinda

Check out this review by Top Gear of the Tesla Roadster. Incase you've lived under a rock your whole life and are unaware of what the Tesla Raodster is, well it's the first so-called 'all electric sports car'. It was developed with the help of Lotus designers, and is powered by a 3-phase, 4-pole electric motor producing a maximum net power of 248 hp, or 185 kW. Definitely no Toyota Prius. If you can handle the 1o minute clip, then watch cause it's a great review.... Shows the car's highs and lows, LOW lows.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dogs are barkin'

If you live anywhere in the northern U.S. or Canada, then you're probably just as sick and tired of this brutal weather as I am. I truly am beginning to develop a hatred... a very deep one at that. However, if there's one thing that keeps my spirits lifted, it's having the sunshine, even though it's cold enough to numb out my face within seconds. And with this sunshine and cold weather cocktail, it creates prime conditions for sundogs. Sundogs are somewhat of a rare sight, and are defined as bright spots on either, or both sides of the sun. They also occur (less brightly) around the moon. Of course, they are called moon dogs. Sundogs are images of the sun formed as a result of light bending through tiny, floating ice crystals in the air or high clouds. The ice crystals are shaped like plates falling in such a way that the flat surfaces are facing parallel to the Earth. Sunlight enters at one side, bends, then bends again as it exits. This light refraction creates an image of the sun at approximately 22° to the left and/or right of the sun. To see the brightest and most brilliant ones, look up on a cold sunny morning or evening, when the sun is near the horizon and the air is loaded with ice crystals. Spotting sundogs and other sky phenomena like halos and rings often means rain or snow will arrive within 18 to 36 hours. Beauty in the sky leads to crap falling from it... Well maybe not crap, but dang I'm gettin sick of this snow!

Nerdy detailed schematic here, and a couple other sundog photos here, and here

Levitating Water

Very cool vid... What you're seeing are water droplets falling, but the light displaying them is strobing at a frequency lower than 2(f(max)) of the water droplets falling rate, resulting in an aliased display of the water. The f(max) term defines the frequency or rate in which the water is falling. In order for our brains to see the water falling at its actual rate, the light displaying the water would need to strobe at a rate of at least 2(f(max)), or the Nyquist frequency. So instead of the light flashing at a rate fast enough to display the water's actual falling rate, it strobes at specific moments giving the illusion that the water is slowly travelling downwards and upwards. I guarantee this is at some trancy music filled nightclub...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Supersonic Silence

Return of the Concorde?? Well, kinda. A company by the name of Aerion are developing commercial jets that have the ability to fly high enough so that sonic booms will not be felt or heard at ground level. The theory is that once an aircraft surpasses the speed of sound at ~750mph, or Mach 1, a shockwave is produced that propogates toward the Earth as a sonic boom. However, if the aircraft has the abilty to increase its altitude into the colder, less dense air of the stratosphere, the sonic boom's energy both travels slower in the cooler air, and has a greater distance to travel, which means it endures increased attenuation. As the wave propgates toward the surface, it encounters the warmer, and denser air, of which some of the initial energy reflects off the warmer air due to a change of impedance, and the remaining energy refracts toward the surface. This remaining refracted wave no longer has the velocity or energy to create a sonic boom at the surface, thus silent Mach speeds can be reached.
Basic wave theory being used to make money?! Wonder if these guys are hiring?!!

To check out the article from Popular Mechanics, click here

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hefty lefty needs some 'support'

Remember earlier this year when Woods and Mickleson were paired at the U.S. Open? It's the one that my man Tiger won in a playoff... with a busted leg nonetheless! But I wanna bring you back to the last round, on the 17th hole where Mickleson went double bogey, bogey, and pretty much ended his chances to win the tourney. Well, Tiger's caddie, Steve Williams, shed some light on why that happened, and it's hilarious! According to UK's The Guardian, Williams told the story regarding Phil's demise on the final two holes,
"The two players were walking down the 17th fairway when, according to Williams, someone shouted "Phil" in Mickelson's direction. The world No2 did not respond until the fan shouted "Hey, Mr Mickelson". When Mickelson turned and waved, the fan yelled out "Nice tits". The crowd erupted in laughter; Mickelson went double bogey, bogey and his chances of winning the tournament disappeared."
Not only that, Williams gave his thoughts on our lefty, stating that "I wouldn't call Mickelson a great player 'cause I hate the prick,"
Dang, trash talk in golf?! Gotta love it!

Flying Shoes

Just stumbled across this... Apparently, George dubya made a surprise visit to Iraq recently, where his dodgeball skills came in handy. One of the journalists there threw not one, but both of his pumps at Bush's face. Unfortunately, the dude went 0 for 2, missing both times. According to the BBC, this man has lost his family during the Iraq war... enough said.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I know it's played out, but I just can't get enough

Alright, don't be judgin... I know this track is older, but I can't stop listening to it! Is that so wrong?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Losing My Religion

This is the current cover for the December issue of Playboy Mexico, and I'm sure it'll be causing a raucous after it's release to news stands yesterday. It doesn't matter if you're a devout catholic, or a complete atheist, this image with an angelic white veil and stained-glass backing brings one image to mind, the Virgin Mary. So with this December issue featuring model Maria Florencia Onori posing, it sends a message of one Virgin Mary like figure posing nude.... And the translated headline of "We adore you, Mary" probably won't help!
As a guy who is indifferent about religion, I must admit, this is a little offensive. You're talking about one of the most recognized and respected figures in biblical history being portrayed nude. Not only does that bother me, but the fact that the millions of people who are far more religious than myself whom will see or hear of this, will with no doubt be absolutely appalled. And Playboy knows that this will cause upheaval, yet they wanna push the envelope.
Hugh Heffner has been in substantial financial trouble during these recent economic times, and he has threatened to file bankruptcy if Playboy's finances didn't turn around. I guess this is an attempt to cause a stir... How does that cliche go again, desperate times call for desperate measures?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A "Pretend" Economic Crisis

Don't worry people, the economy isn't really in the shitter, it's just a Pro-Obama media conspiracy. It's true everyone, really!! Bill O'Reilly said it, and he wouldn't lie.
I don't understand how this man is still on television, or that his opinion is even considered. Is he so naive that he can't see the layoffs that are happening on what seems like a daily basis? Or the home foreclosures that are overtaking a majority of the US? And what about this recession due to the less than 3% economic growth on a world wide scale for the first time in decades? Even major energy corporations have slashed their budgets for the next four quarters due to plummeting commodity prices. Things just no longer make sense to pursue...It's just not economic anymore. According to him, this is just the liberal media trying to make things look worse than they are, so when Barack comes into power, anything he does will be seen as a positive improvement. Here's one of O'Reilly's quotes from the clip,
"All right, so you are agreeing with me then that there is a conscious effort on the part of The New York Times and other liberal media to basically paint as drastic a picture as possible, so that when Barack Obama takes office that anything is better than what we have now?"
Ha, the New York Times!
This douchebag is a cruel man, with no heart. This is a very important and festive time of year for millions of people, to laugh, share, and spend special moments with friends and families. But with the continual layoffs and cut backs due to this real economic crisis, the unfortunate reality is that it may not become the happiest of holidays for many families and their loved ones.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two words... HOLY SHIT cont'd

To follow up on my post yesterday regarding the AIDS infected bloody, and smashed in Civic.... it turns out to be true. After reading the follow up story that was posted today, and finding out how unlucky the couple who owns the vehicle are, you really have to feel for them. The unfortunate string of badluck they've incurred sounds like a thing of fiction.
And with this recent situation, their Civic was actually parked in front of their apartment building, and they went out for a stroll. While out, an AIDS infected man who lives on the 6th floor attemped suicide, and not for the first time. He was also heavily intoxicated and nude when he jumped. Crazy. The couple returned in obvious disbelief, and found two notes on the windshield. The original handwritten one that I showed yesterday was from his neighbour who witnessed the whole thing, and the other was from the Police officer who was present and reported the case. To add insult to injury, this couple's insurance won't cover the damages. To read more about the story, as well as the couple's statements, click here

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Words...HOLY SHIT!

I can literally say I've never seen anything like this. The photo above shows a smashed in Honda Civic in San Fran. The buddy who owns it was out walking with a friend, and came back to see this...a hole in his windshield, and blood smeared on the inside and outside of the car. By just looking at the pic with no prior info, you'd think this car had an accident by running into a deer or something, but this is San Fran, and the car was undamaged when it was parked. Under the wiper, there's a note. This note simply states what happened, and it reads "Mark, your vehicle was involved in an incident. A person fell from the building that you parked next to. Subject that fell has AIDS, as a warning to you to be careful. Attached is a case # of the incident."
Honestly, could you imagine yourself in this situation??!! You come back to your car and there's a giant hole smashed into it with HIV infected blood smeared everywhere!
First, it'd take you a few moments I'm sure, to take this all in. Then, being the curious species we are, you'd begin wonder WHAT THE FUCK just happened. Did some drug dealer throw some junkie out the window? Or did a pimp throw out a no longer useful ho?? Or did some poor person try to commit suicide??? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BODY? What would you do next?? Could this be any more bizarre?? Yes. It happened on Fell street.

To see the rest of the pics, including the note, click here

Monday, December 8, 2008

Yeah, it's gotten this bad!

How tough are the current economic times?? Tough enough that this Calculus Prof has gotta post ads on the students tests and quizzes to pay for printing costs! This after the school announced that funding was gonna be slashed by a third.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lovin the new 'Tip

Well look who's back! Just lovin this new track from Q-Tip... And the mofo has got style too....

Geophysics on the Sun!!

This amazing series of pics show seismic waves on our sun's surface, produced by a solar flare. Scientists calculated that the amount of energy released by this flare-generated solar quake was about 40,000 times the energy released in the historical 1906 San Francisco quake. Looking at the pics, it may seem like these seismic waves are occuring at a small scale, however, these solar waves traveled for a distance equal to 10 Earth diameters over the course of an hour! That's about 130,000 km/hr!! Seismic surface waves have the ability to travel at far greater velocities than they do here on earth due to the obvious difference between the sun's and earth's compostion. As a gaseous giant, surface waves incur far less attenuation than they would travelling through dense rock here on earth.

To see more upclose and amazing pics of our sun, click here

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rare Sky Show

When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look south. Beaming through the twilight is one of the prettiest things you'll ever see--a tight three-way conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon. The conjunction has been in position for a few days now, but it should still be visible.

Straight Outta the Jetsons

Apparently, the traffic riddled roadways were supposed to be a thing of the past by '09... Well, that was according to the writers of Popular Science Magazine back in the early 1950's. George Jetson style flying cars would be filling the skies, in addition to portable jet packs and artificial intelligence! As whacked out as the ideas are, it's interesting to see what type of speculations and technology was projected for the future, which is now our present.

To check out a mini gallery of more crazay "future technologies" click here

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What's another word for hideous??

Behold, the all new Porsche Panamera! Without looking at the pic, you'd probably get pretty excited for a new Porsche, right?! It's a legendary company, with one of the most recognizable vehicles ever, in the Porsche 911. But now, there's this.... a Porsche family car! WTF instantly comes to mind. When Porsche released the Cayenne SUV, I thought it was ridiculous for a company of supercars to make a "soccer mom" SUV. After years, I've learned to let if go, and just accept it now I guess. But this?! It looks like a wannabe cool stationwagon. It reminds me of those fake and bake dudes you always see in the clubs with the frosted tips in their hair...They think they look cool, but in reality, they're just a bunch of douche bags.
Click on the title to see more pics...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The World in Six Songs

That is the name of rock musician turned neuroscientist, Daniel J. Levitin's latest book. Interesting enough, he argues that music is a core element of human identity, paving the way for language, cooperative work projects and the recording of our lives and history. Throughout his study, he claims there are six types of songs that help us achieve these goals. If you're anything like me, than mixing music and science will get you all gitty inside! Can't wait to give it a read.

Check out the title to learn more...

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Terminal -- Part deux...

Hearing of this story, one might think they're making the second part of Tom Hank's "The Terminal". I know what you're thinking... The first one sucked, why the hell would they make a second??! Well, let me be the bearer of good news, and tell you that they're actually not making a second movie, but some japenese dude thinks he's living it! His name is Hiroshi Nohara, and he's either obsessed with the original movie, or he's just a crazy mofo!! He's japanese, living in a Mexican airport, and can't speak a word of Spanish or English... I'm thinking he's more of the crazy mofo...

Click on the title to learn more...