Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Words...HOLY SHIT!

I can literally say I've never seen anything like this. The photo above shows a smashed in Honda Civic in San Fran. The buddy who owns it was out walking with a friend, and came back to see this...a hole in his windshield, and blood smeared on the inside and outside of the car. By just looking at the pic with no prior info, you'd think this car had an accident by running into a deer or something, but this is San Fran, and the car was undamaged when it was parked. Under the wiper, there's a note. This note simply states what happened, and it reads "Mark, your vehicle was involved in an incident. A person fell from the building that you parked next to. Subject that fell has AIDS, as a warning to you to be careful. Attached is a case # of the incident."
Honestly, could you imagine yourself in this situation??!! You come back to your car and there's a giant hole smashed into it with HIV infected blood smeared everywhere!
First, it'd take you a few moments I'm sure, to take this all in. Then, being the curious species we are, you'd begin wonder WHAT THE FUCK just happened. Did some drug dealer throw some junkie out the window? Or did a pimp throw out a no longer useful ho?? Or did some poor person try to commit suicide??? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BODY? What would you do next?? Could this be any more bizarre?? Yes. It happened on Fell street.

To see the rest of the pics, including the note, click here