Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two words... HOLY SHIT cont'd

To follow up on my post yesterday regarding the AIDS infected bloody, and smashed in Civic.... it turns out to be true. After reading the follow up story that was posted today, and finding out how unlucky the couple who owns the vehicle are, you really have to feel for them. The unfortunate string of badluck they've incurred sounds like a thing of fiction.
And with this recent situation, their Civic was actually parked in front of their apartment building, and they went out for a stroll. While out, an AIDS infected man who lives on the 6th floor attemped suicide, and not for the first time. He was also heavily intoxicated and nude when he jumped. Crazy. The couple returned in obvious disbelief, and found two notes on the windshield. The original handwritten one that I showed yesterday was from his neighbour who witnessed the whole thing, and the other was from the Police officer who was present and reported the case. To add insult to injury, this couple's insurance won't cover the damages. To read more about the story, as well as the couple's statements, click here