Monday, December 15, 2008

Hefty lefty needs some 'support'

Remember earlier this year when Woods and Mickleson were paired at the U.S. Open? It's the one that my man Tiger won in a playoff... with a busted leg nonetheless! But I wanna bring you back to the last round, on the 17th hole where Mickleson went double bogey, bogey, and pretty much ended his chances to win the tourney. Well, Tiger's caddie, Steve Williams, shed some light on why that happened, and it's hilarious! According to UK's The Guardian, Williams told the story regarding Phil's demise on the final two holes,
"The two players were walking down the 17th fairway when, according to Williams, someone shouted "Phil" in Mickelson's direction. The world No2 did not respond until the fan shouted "Hey, Mr Mickelson". When Mickelson turned and waved, the fan yelled out "Nice tits". The crowd erupted in laughter; Mickelson went double bogey, bogey and his chances of winning the tournament disappeared."
Not only that, Williams gave his thoughts on our lefty, stating that "I wouldn't call Mickelson a great player 'cause I hate the prick,"
Dang, trash talk in golf?! Gotta love it!