Monday, December 29, 2008

"Get me a tie, and it better be RED!"

This is without a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen. I personally believe it should go down as one of the worst movies ever. The cheese is there from the opening scene, to the very last line. I seriously wondered after exiting the film, if this was supposed to be a spoof of past comic movies, but I was later told that this was actually not a spoof at all, as this movie was trying to reach out to the true comic fans. Wow.
There was at least one thing that was a positive in this movie, and it was co-star Eva Mendes. But no, it wasn't her acting skills and performance that was the positive...she was just as emotionally empty as the others in the film. It was how damn fine she looked. Shit, if I didn't know better, there were guys at the theatre that just came for Eva. Every time she'd come on screen, these pervs sitting up front would whistle and scream... These are the guys the strippers love. But as someone who always thought Eva's hotness was over rated, I'm glad she looked so smokin in this one, cause it was the ONLY bright thing on the screen.

This review from The Star is a great summary of the film, and how terrible it was.