Friday, December 12, 2008

Losing My Religion

This is the current cover for the December issue of Playboy Mexico, and I'm sure it'll be causing a raucous after it's release to news stands yesterday. It doesn't matter if you're a devout catholic, or a complete atheist, this image with an angelic white veil and stained-glass backing brings one image to mind, the Virgin Mary. So with this December issue featuring model Maria Florencia Onori posing, it sends a message of one Virgin Mary like figure posing nude.... And the translated headline of "We adore you, Mary" probably won't help!
As a guy who is indifferent about religion, I must admit, this is a little offensive. You're talking about one of the most recognized and respected figures in biblical history being portrayed nude. Not only does that bother me, but the fact that the millions of people who are far more religious than myself whom will see or hear of this, will with no doubt be absolutely appalled. And Playboy knows that this will cause upheaval, yet they wanna push the envelope.
Hugh Heffner has been in substantial financial trouble during these recent economic times, and he has threatened to file bankruptcy if Playboy's finances didn't turn around. I guess this is an attempt to cause a stir... How does that cliche go again, desperate times call for desperate measures?