Thursday, December 11, 2008

A "Pretend" Economic Crisis

Don't worry people, the economy isn't really in the shitter, it's just a Pro-Obama media conspiracy. It's true everyone, really!! Bill O'Reilly said it, and he wouldn't lie.
I don't understand how this man is still on television, or that his opinion is even considered. Is he so naive that he can't see the layoffs that are happening on what seems like a daily basis? Or the home foreclosures that are overtaking a majority of the US? And what about this recession due to the less than 3% economic growth on a world wide scale for the first time in decades? Even major energy corporations have slashed their budgets for the next four quarters due to plummeting commodity prices. Things just no longer make sense to pursue...It's just not economic anymore. According to him, this is just the liberal media trying to make things look worse than they are, so when Barack comes into power, anything he does will be seen as a positive improvement. Here's one of O'Reilly's quotes from the clip,
"All right, so you are agreeing with me then that there is a conscious effort on the part of The New York Times and other liberal media to basically paint as drastic a picture as possible, so that when Barack Obama takes office that anything is better than what we have now?"
Ha, the New York Times!
This douchebag is a cruel man, with no heart. This is a very important and festive time of year for millions of people, to laugh, share, and spend special moments with friends and families. But with the continual layoffs and cut backs due to this real economic crisis, the unfortunate reality is that it may not become the happiest of holidays for many families and their loved ones.