Thursday, November 27, 2008

What's another word for hideous??

Behold, the all new Porsche Panamera! Without looking at the pic, you'd probably get pretty excited for a new Porsche, right?! It's a legendary company, with one of the most recognizable vehicles ever, in the Porsche 911. But now, there's this.... a Porsche family car! WTF instantly comes to mind. When Porsche released the Cayenne SUV, I thought it was ridiculous for a company of supercars to make a "soccer mom" SUV. After years, I've learned to let if go, and just accept it now I guess. But this?! It looks like a wannabe cool stationwagon. It reminds me of those fake and bake dudes you always see in the clubs with the frosted tips in their hair...They think they look cool, but in reality, they're just a bunch of douche bags.
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