Thursday, September 10, 2009


... my picks! After a meticulous analysis, these are my picks for the 2009 NFL season, just in time for kickoff tonight. I went through week by week, game by game, choosing winners and losers. These are my results.

Personally, I don't believe the Ravens are as good a their record indicates, however they have a very favorable schedule. Minnesota will make a push this year, with the tandem of Favre and Adrian Peterson. And look out for WR Bernard Berrian - fantasy alert!

With Brady back, I can't look past the Pats, and the one-two punch of Vick and McNabb will work. Actually, I think it's the running combination of Vick and Westbrook that should get teams more concerned.

New Orleans' recent acqusition of Roman Harper, as well as a healthy Jonathon Vilma, should at least give the Saints an average defence. With the offensive potency of Brees and Bush, this should be enough to give them the NFC South, where their division record will give them the tie break.

Cutler won't exceed too many expectations with the Bears, however he won't dissapoint either. Their defence should still be one of the top units in the NFC, however Cutler and the Bears still won't have enough to make a wild card.

And for Cutler's old team, well, they'll be in for a long season. I'm curious to see how long Coach McDaniels is around for...

Anyway, enjoy.