Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is this for real???!

Well, apprently this IS real! They're trying to promote a "Drive-Thru diet", which just sounds so wrong to me. Regardless, this ad uses a thin, semi-attractive woman to get the point across... The woman says she wanted to diet but "didn't want to cut out my fast food." Ok, really??! That makes no sense! And I wanna become a pro golfer, but I wanna do it with out the practice. Yes she lost weight, but how much of that was actually assisted by this diet??! I question it because of all the fine print shown throughout most of the ad. Incase it passed you by, it reads:

"Her exceptional experience based on 1250 cal/day"

"150-340 calories. Not a low calorie food" This refers to Taco Bell's 7 items under 9 grams of fat.

"Average reduction of 500 cal/day over two years with sensible food choices"

And the kicker, "Taco Bell Drive-Thru diet is not a weight loss program. Pay attention to total calorie and fat intake and regular exercise" ... No kidding?!

I just don't know anymore...