Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Shopping While Black"

Definitely an interesting clip that's worth watching. This video shows an experiment in racial profiling, where a high end retail store clerk, and security guard (both actors) racially profile a black woman shopping in the store, who's also an actor. The results show that 80 out of the 100 shoppers that are in the store while this is happening do nothing. They just walk around, pretending to shop, but are clearing in tune with the arguing. And it's not like the sales clerk is being inconspicuous about it, she's blatantly putting it out there, and for everyone to hear.

It makes me wonder if I was there, what would I do? For me, there's no doubt I would speak my mind and support the shopper. I'd also make it well known that I would never be shopping there again. So, then I wonder why the 80% who didn't do anything chose their stance?? Inside, do they really feel like they're better than a person of darker skin?? Or is it that they're just scared to speak, and truly empathize with the shopper? Who knows I guess.